special needs & seniors

The FUNSICAL special needs and seniors programs feature:

Chill Pill and “Scochiga”

The Chill Pill Prescription teaches a martial arts calming sequence and processing method designed to manage stress and maintain emotional stability.

Along with the Chill Pill Prescription these programs include a process refined over decades culminating in SCOttee’s technique coined:  “Sco-chi-ga”. Designed to  maintain and restore motor control, music appreciation, stability, balance and flexibility, Scochiga is an eclectic blend of:




Brain Gym



And More!

Chill Pill and Scochiga

Our programs address and have been proving to have positive impacts on symptoms of:

  • Behavior and  Memory 
  • Attention Deficit Disorder  
  • Pain Management 
  • Weight Control
  • Safety and Awareness
  • Processing Delays
  • Hypertension
  • Income Disparities
  • Disease & Disabilities:  MS,Parkinson, Autism CP, etc.


Scott Liebler began doing his Funsical prgram with my son who has autism when he was 12. It has become wonderfully instrumental in his development into the special young man that he is today. Scott does a personally designed program to fit my son’s unique needs combining physical fitness, music and  speech exercises as well as practical thought provoking discussions!   I would highly recommend the Funsical program and the way it is delivered with fun and effective activities and a positive outlook on life.” 

~ Judy Dawson Taylor

“We realy appreciate how much of Scott’s program is based in research.  He made observations based on his teaching, then studied the foundations in depth as a precursor to developing Funsical.  It’s very interesting to learn how we can use music movement and vocal progressions  to develop in new ways physically, mentally and emotionally.”

~ From the the Holistic Moms of Children with Autism Network

“Scott worked with my father from age 96 until he passed at the age of 105 and 3/4. His patience and diligent concern for my father’s health and happiness was consistent with each of his personal training sessions. My father always commented on how much more relaxed and focused he felt after each session. His Doctors and other medical providers all attest that’s Scott’s program was highly responsible for helping him maintain his strength, balance and alertness and allow me to keep him from going to a nursing home.” 

~ Ginger  W – Aurora CO

As an 80 year old man with Parkinson’s and back issues I hired Scottee after a referral from my massage therapist. His sessions with me were always very comfortable, amusing and enlightening. The exercises and methodology were unique and very complimentary to the the other therapies I was receiving for my Parkinson’s. They were definitely effective in reducing the intensity of my tremors after each session.

~ Jim N – Evergreen CO

“Chill Pill Prescription” Book Reviews

“Scott Liebler has an effective way of making ancient truths and modern science accessible to an ordinary person in a way that I can incorporate these truths to improve my happiness and effectiveness as a human being every day.”  

~ C. Louis “Doc PJ” Perrinjaquett MD. MPH

“In The Chill Pill Prescription book, I like how author Scott Liebler shares his personal story as an illustration of the seven-step prescription for managing stress, tension, and anxiety. It’s a relatively quick read that artfully weaves his story together the with the science of stress and the seven steps that will help readers respond more positively in difficult situations. Liebler offers simple exercises and memory cues that will help readers respond in the moment with confidence and calm, instead of the instinctive responses of fight, flight, or freeze. I found myself using the chill pill prescription within 24 hours of reading the book. Highly recommended.”

~ Christine Jensen, APR, MBA, freelancer at Jensen Communication Arts and assistant teaching professor at Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication (Iowa State University)

Enjoy a variety of routines and rhythmically flowing mindful movement patterns that are mixed with great music! Or let us custom design one for you!