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The FUNSICAL Fitness kids program provides a comprehensive and harmonic system that has been proven to build a stronger than average foundation of: 







Levels 1 & 2:  Let’s Get Funsical

Basic music, rhythm, timing and beat comprehension, spatial awareness, vocalization and gross motor movement patterns to develop active listening and major muscle strength and coordination.

Levels 3 – 6:  Funsical Adventures

Progressive beat and rhythm competency techniques mixed with progressive fine and gross motor exercises, vocalization and story-lines to help children develop their imagination, concentration and coordination. 


Specialists and Therapists

As a Preprimary Music and Movement Specialist and KDG Bodily-Kinesthetic Specialist. I  have been using Funsical in my classroom for over 20 years. The children absolutely LOVE the Funsical  Adventure audio recordings..They don’t even realize how much physical educaion is happening, they are just having FUN!”

~ Tommi Rogers (PrePrimary Music and Movement/B-K Specialist | New City School in St. Louis, Missouri)

Many skills are developed and enhanced during participation in this program such as; listening skills, spatial awareness, cross lateral skills, and overall coordination. We use the Funsical music as warm ups for our preschool tumbling classes and it really gets the kids ready to move. Thanks for such a well thought out motor development program for children!

~ Ben Way (Gymnastics Instructor and Coach – Silverthorne Recreation Center)

As a former gymnastics coach and dance teacher, I LOVE this program! As a Behavior Therapist I now use various Funsical Adventure tracks with a lot of my special needs clients of all ages, but especially with my early intervention kiddos. It’s a great way for them to release excess energy in a healthy way, to explore their own creativity through mindful movement, and to work on strengthening their bodies.

~ Megan Rose Ashes

Certified Funsical Instructors

The Funsical curriculum allows children to practice all basic movement patterns. As a result they build a solid foundation for developing more complex movement patterns. The Let’s Get Funsical audio series is well designed, entertaining, and effective, which is a big plus for preschool teachers and providers. They can just enjoy moving to the music and instructional narrations while engaging with the kids, and not have to worry about how to teach movement skills. It’s all done for them and the kids have a great time!”

~ Kathy Bingaman MS OTR/L and Certified Funsical Instructor

“I particularly enjoy the Let’s Get Funsical CD series that exposes children to such a wide variety of music and movement experiences.  It’s amazing how they hold the children’s attention and keep them engaged in continuous movement experiences for 15 minutes at a time. The program allows me to address the growing and developmental aspects of the whole child – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.  I am so pleased I chose to become a Certified Funsical Instructor and would recommend it to anyone who has a true passion and desire to really nurture young children!”

~ Marla Winn

Early Childhood Teachers Providers and Parents

“I have seen several very shy and introverted children gain more confidence and skills through this program. Overall, I see this program has increased children’s coordination, stamina and the abilities to follow directions more than other programs I have used.”

~ Linda K , Classroom Teacher and parent Dillon CO

As a preschool teacher and a parent, my child and I have had the privilege to experience the enthusiasm, Funsical founder, Mr. Scottee brings to his classes. Children LOVE them! During the 2020 school year, he quickly pivoted to an online format and his Zoom sessions were just as engaging as my 4 year-olds looked forward to these classes more than any other.” 

~ Kelly F, Preschool parent and teacher – Breckenridge CO

Retired Teachers and Current Grandparents

The Funsical classes have really increased the confidence and willingness for my shy and less confident children to participate and attempt new skills.  It seems to make them more comfortable to go out of their comfort zones.”  

~ Kristen – Veteran Preschool Teacher

Funsical really helped me as a teacher plan for and improve gross motor skills.  It definitely gets the kids moving , helps with listening and following directions and fosters their imaginations. I continually purchase the Audio programs for my Grandchildren.

~ Mary Ann – Retired Preschool Teacher and Current Grandparent

The program helped me to become more active within the classroom. The CD’s gave me guidance in fun, motivating story telling.  Scott is so positive when he presents his children’s classes, even when the kids are having a crazy day, he sees the good in all the children.

~ Deb – Retired Preschool Teacher and Current Grandparent

Most common comments about the curriculum from teachers and parents:

  1. Improves confidence and coordination better than any program I’ve ever used, and so easy to use!
  2. Helps with speech and self esteem as well as gross motor
  3. It’s a great way for non-English speakers to learn English as well as music and movement
  4. Really entertaining way to get kids to exercise – they’re just having fun – it works like magic!
  5. Very well organized – kids are always learning new skills!
  6. The audio recordings combine captivating music, sound effects and storytelling that really keeps the kid focused and engaged!
  7. The kids ask to take a Funsical Adventure almost every day!

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